The art of automotive engine remanufacturing

  • Seal power pistons

  • King bearings

  • Felpro

  • Victor Reinz

  • Melling

  • SA Gear



A core engine is pulled from inventory to be disasembled and cleaned

After the initial cleaning, all blocks are checked for cracks. All bolt holes are checked for thread wear and repaired if needed. Block decks are checked.  All crankshafts are magna fluxed for cracks and checked with micrometers . The cylinder heads are tested for cracks in an Axe pressure testing machines. We use Axe because it completely submerges the cylinder head in water and when air pressure is applied, cracks can easily be detected. All bolt holes are checked to ensure threads are good and repaired if needed. Guides are checked and replaced if worn. Seats are checked and replaced if they can not be machined. Valves are check for wear and replaced if needed. All fracture/broken rods are replaced if not within spec. Machined connecting rods are serviced.

All Barnettes Remanufactured engines are assembled in a clean room. This room is seperated from the rest of the shop, eliminating the possiblity of contaminates.  All engine parts and compnents required to rebuild the engine (I.E. pistons, main and rod bearings, thrust bearings, cylinders, crankshafts, connecting rods and push rods) are measured again by the engine builders. After all parts are checked, the engines are assembled measuring tolerencess and clearences regularly. Our builders have over 78 years of combined experience in the engine building industry. 

Barnettes Automotive Machine Shop

Once the engine is fully assembled, it is preped for shipping. The engine is shrink wraped, taged and bagged. It is then placed in a cargo shipping container and strapped securley for transit. The container is sealed and label for the freight carrier. All engines are shipped using LTL Freight carriers.

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