To Good To Be True!

Barnettes Engines does all of their work in-house. Barnettes does not subcontract any engine machine work. From rebuilt engine sales to automotive machine work and internal engine parts, we do it all.

When purchasing an engine, searching for the best price and warranty is a must, but when it sounds to good to be true there might be a problem. READ THE FINE PRINT! If a company does not remain transparent, or gives all the details of their warranty with out having to drag the anwsers out of the sales out. Make sure you are truely buying an engine direct and not from a broker. This will save you time in the future, should you ever have a warranty claim.

Barnettes Remanufactured Engines does not get involved in smoke and mirrors tactics and games. Barnettes Engines Sales Reps are very up-front, knowledgeable and honest when it comes down to our engines, process and warranty terms. Barnettes Engines has our exact Warranty terms and conditons online. We provide the the customer with a hard copy to keep for their records too. With regular maintainence, the warranty is easy to follow. Do not be fooled with terms like "no fault warranty" and "full warranty labor reimbursement" Warranty's are designed with everyone in mind; the customer, mechanic and business. Yes, it would be nice to give every customer a fairytale type warranty, but its just not realisting in the terms of business. Giving a warranty that protects every party invovled; the mechanic, merchant and customer, is more realistic. All-in-all, as a consumer make sure to do research before pulling the trigger on somthing that sounds to-good-to-be-true. Give us a call at 877-625-6878 for more details or question about remanufactured engines.

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