Preparing Vehicles for a Hurricane

As Hurricane Florence is fast approaching preparing your home and securing necessary items is essential,

Hurrican Florence

but what about your vehicle? Depending on where you live, tidal flooding from storm surges is a way of life, but when a major storm is predicted to hit your area extra precautions should be take. No body want to deal with a totaled car on top of other storm related damages.

Take Out All Important Documents

  • Registration

  • Insurance

  • State Inspection receipt

  • Service records

Store them in a safe place where they can’t get damaged. Replacing many of these documents can be a tedious and drawn-out affair. If you lose your insurance documents, for example, this will make the claim process even more difficult.

Park Your Car in a Safe Location

  • Inside a garage

  • Next to a large building

A building can help to shield the car from strong winds and debris.

*Make sure to never park your car next to any power lines or below a tree, since branches can easily fall and damage it.

Make Sure It Has Adequate Fuel.

Do this as far ahead of time as possible. If a severe hurricane strikes an area or is about to, reaching a gas station can prove to be extremely difficult, not to mention will also consist of long lines. Plus, supply routes may be cut off, meaning that fuel might be in scarce supply. Always make sure that you have as close to a full tank as possible.

Another thing that you can do is to fill up a couple of extra gas cans as well just to be on the safe side.

Be Aware of Your Insurance Coverage

  • Take pictures (interior and exterior) of your vehicle

  • Have a copy of your insurance car in a safe place.

  • in most cases, comprehensive coverage is needed to cover the hurricane-related damage, not just collision coverage.

It’s always a good idea to be 100% certain that your auto insurance policy provides coverage for any hurricane damage ahead of the storm.

Inspect your vehicle

Make sure that your vehicle operates properly by testing as many things as you can think of. All lights, power features, and, especially, start-up need to be in working order should you have to evacuate. It's also wise to top off all fluids, such as oil and antifreeze.

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