Engine Bearing Failure...

In an engine, no matter what type of bearing failure occurs, it usually winds up being a costly fix. Bearings in an engine fail for several reasons (below are just a few):

1. Lack or loss of lubrication

2. High operating loads


Lack of oil can cause the bearings to make direct contact with the journal. This metal-to-metal contact will cause the the bearing to become dammaged and incrase the chances of overheating and friction.

High operating load can cause the bearing material to moved/smashed or displaced.

Dirt and debris traveling through the engine is the number one reason for engine bearing failure. Debris can become imbedded between the bearing and the crank journals. Eventually causing the bearing linen to distorted; and if distorted enough, the contact will result in a rubbing action on the journals. The friction between the crankshaft and bearing will eventually lead to bearing failure.

Ford 6.4L Diesel bearing failure
Engine Bearing Failure


This is a Ford Powerstroke diesel out of a engine that a customer had asked us to rebuild.

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Check out our process when buiding an engine.

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